Upholstery Cleaning Manchester

Upholstery Cleaning Manchester

Over time items of soft furnishings can become full of dirt, dust and debris. Upholstery Can pick up spillages and stains, not to mention sticky little fingers and pet hairs very easily. Altrincham Cleaning Services are here to help. Whether it is a freshen up, stain spot removal or a full deep intensive clean. For a truly professional Upholstery Cleaning service in Manchester look no further.

Keeping your Upholstery Clean to prolong its life.

Regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning will prolong the life of your Upholstered items of furniture. Good Housekeeping recently advised having Carpets and Upholstery cleaned once a year by a member of the NCCA.

The Aim of what we do it to remove soiling and stains as quickly and easily as possible whilst leaving any Upholstery Clean, fresh and  as dry as possible before we leave.

We use several different techniques and tools to clean upholstery based on a pre-inspection survey. We will discuss with you your requirements, the reason you are having the items cleaned and the best method of cleaning that will not cause damage.

upholstery Cleaning Manchester