Our Cleaning Process

When you invite Altrincham Cleaning Services into your home there is an expectation of quality. We have spent time and money getting the best training and equipment possible to deliver the best services for you. Here is an outline of what to expect from us and our cleaning process.

Step 1 – Survey and Quote

After the first point of contact we will arrange to come and do an onsite survey of the carpets, upholstery or rugs to be cleaned. a full survey will include details of the carpets construction, the flooring and sub flooring the carpet is put under and we will make notes of any stains or concerns you may have prior to the clean being carried out.

Step 2 -Pre vacuuming

After agreeing a date and time for your clean we will arrive on the day fully prepared to clean the items requested with all equipment and products ready to use. We will quickly go through each room moving any furniture necessary and begin the cleaning process. We begin by pre-vacuuming all the areas to be cleaned using commercial vacuum cleaners. All edges are vacuumed using hand tools to release as much dry soiling as possible from the fibres. Many “carpet cleaners” miss out this stage and wet the carpet this can cause problems later with resoilng and make it difficult to remove all of the dirt that is in the carpet fibres.

Step 3 – Pre Spray and Agitaition

Another step is often missed by unprofessional cleaners and a vital one for removing as much dirt and soiling as possible.

A specially formulated chemical is put onto the carpet to break the soils attraction to the fibres and allow them to be released and removed. Depending on the carpet construction and fibre content will depend on the specific product used. This is sprayed onto the carpet and using a CRB machine massaged into the carpet in several directions creating some heat but also agitation to aid the cleaning and soil removal process. This is then left to ‘dwell’ for 10/20 mins depending on the amount of soils to be removed

Step 4 – Extraction

Extraction is where our truck mounted machinery comes into play. From our machine water and often a rinse agent are pumped to our tools which simultaneously vacuum and remove the now dirty water. Carpets are left almost dry and with no sticky or harmful residues that can cause faster resoiling. Also many carpets are pH sensitive and require neutralising after cleaning to ensure that no damage occurs to the fibres. (This would have been identified during the survey and the correct measures taken to prevent this from happening.

Step 5 -Spotting

Any stains of spots that were not removed during the cleaning process are now looked at in detail. We will do everything within our mans to remove as many stains as possible without causing further damage to the carpet. Unfortunately some stains are permanent and can not be removed through any type of cleaning process.

Step 6 – Pile grooming

This is a process of brushing/combing the fibres in one uniform direction to remove tool/wand marks and to air quicker drying of the carpet. When you have your carpets cleaned they should not be left with triangles often know as ‘sharks teeth’ in the carpet as this is not how they would have been when they were new.

Step 7 – Drying

Air movers are places into all areas where carpets and upholstery have been cleaned to speed up the drying process. We have had carpets cleaned and dry within minutes but the actual time often depends on the weather condition and the carpet type.

Step 8 – Post Clean Survey

After cleaning is compete and we are happy we have done everything completely we will invite you (the customer) to inspect the work, will will talk you through what we found and if there are any permanent stains we will make you aware of these. Once both parties are happy we will sign the job off and provide a full receipt for the work.

Step 9 – After Care

We care about our customers and take pride in our work. Because of this any domestic job we undertake will be given a 3 month spot and stain guarantee. This means that any spills or mishaps that may occur on the areas we have cleaned, within a 3 month period of the initial clean, will be re cleaned as an emergency for free.

We also offer advice to all of our customers when it comes to spills and staining and the best ways to keep your carpets and Upholstery in top condition in between cleaning.