Oriental Rug washing

Attempts to clean your oriental, wool, silk, viscose etc rug yourself can create more that just a few problems. There’s really no comparison to

. These delicate often very old pieces of art will also hold a special place in people lives. They are made with immense care, and can sometime take months/years to complete by hand. So why shouldn’t they be cleaned with the same level of care & attention to detail?

Oriental rug cleaning

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

Having a rug cleaned periodically by a professional will help achieve several thing.

  1. High quality finish that will enable you to enjoy your clean rug for longer
  2. Use of safe products and knowledge to prevent damage
  3. Deep down dirt, soil and grit that over time act as an abrasive and damage the fibers below the surface are removed
  4. Stain &odour removal and colour repair that are not achievable by standard cleaning alone or on site cleaning

We take your rugs to our specialist treatment facility where hand woven rugs are vacuumed front and back, dusted using a traditional beating method and by blowing compressed air into the fibres, washed using products we have tested to ensure colour fastness etc and finally dried. Tufted rugs are treated slightly differently due to the way they react to being submerged. A professional rug cleaner can determine the proper cleaning method for your type of rug. We can tell exactly what the rug is made from, how it was made and the best method for cleaning. By allowing us to clean your rugs you can rest safe in the knowledge your rug is receiving a thorough, safe, efficient clean by far better than you could ever hope to do by yourself.